Deadwood Commissioners Pass Resolution 2020-25 To Require Face Coverings In Certain Situations

On Monday, November 23, 2020, the Deadwood City Commission passed Resolution 2020-25, an Emergency Resolution requiring the wearing of face coverings/masks in certain situations to slow the community spread of COVID-19. Face coverings/masks are required in indoor public places owned by the City of Deadwood at all times and in outdoor public spaces within the City of Deadwood when gathering for more than 15 minutes and/or when 6 foot social distancing cannot be achieved or maintained. The Resolution also requires face coverings/masks to be worn when utilizing public transportation in the city. THE FULL RESOLUTION CAN BE READ HERE: City of Deadwood Face Coverings Resolution.

Private businesses in Deadwood still have the ability to establish and enforce mask requirements as they deem fit. Patrons not abiding by posted requirements, as established by the business, can be asked to vacate the premises. Failure to vacate may result in a criminal prosecution under SDCL 22-35-6, Entering and Remaining After Notice.