SD One Of Best Places To Raise A Family

If you’re looking to start a family, South Dakota should be on your list of places to consider.

In a report released Jan. 7, WalletHub ranked South Dakota 11th, North Dakota third and Minnesota first.

Nebraska was ranked eighth while Wyoming and Montana were ranked 21st and 22nd.

WalletHub is a personal finance website and compared the states over 50 key factors of “family-friendliness” — ranging from average family salary and child care costs to infant mortality rates and percentage of families in poverty — to determine the ranking of each state.

South Dakota earned a total score of 56.37 as Minnesota came in with a total score of 63.71 while New Mexico was ranked last with a score of 30.68.

Source: WalletHub

Here’s how South Dakota ranked in the key factors:

Family Fun Rank: 33

Health & Safety Rank: 10

Education & Child Care Rank: 10

Affordability Rank: 24

Socioeconomics Rank: 7


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