Uncle Louie’s Student-Athlete MVP

After every athletic event on KDSJ, we hand out the Uncle Louie’s Student-Athlete Most Valuable Player(s). Here’s the list for the 2019-20 season:

Thursday, Feb. 13: Anna Campbell (Lead-Deadwood) and Jordy Stulken (Lead-Deadwood)
Tuesday, Feb. 11: Ryan Rantapaa (Lead-Deadwood)
Tuesday, Feb. 4: Anna Campbell (Lead-Deadwood) and Ryan Peldo (Spearfish)
Tuesday, Jan. 28: Harley Fischer (Belle Fourche) and Kelby Olson (Belle Fourche)
Saturday, Jan. 25: Anna Campbell (Lead-Deadwood) and Mekieh Hoon (Lead-Deadwood)
Friday, Jan. 24: Stella Marcus (Spearfish) and Marcus Myrick (Sturgis)
Thursday, Jan. 23: Clay Donovan (Hot Springs)
Tuesday, Jan. 21: Stella Marcus (Spearfish) and Tyler Huber (Spearfish)
Saturday, Jan. 18: Sydnie Schauer (Faith) and Harland Groves (Faith)
Friday, Jan. 17: Kaycee Groves (Faith) and Jade Mortenson (Faith)
Thursday, Jan. 16: Abby Siemonsma (Hill City) and Jordy Stulken (Lead-Deadwood)
Tuesday, Jan. 14: Blake Mehlberg (Lead-Deadwood) and Ryan Tompkins (Douglas)
Saturday, Jan. 11: Belle Reid (Spearfish) and John Nickles (Spearfish)
Friday, Jan. 10: Avery Heinert (New Underwood)
Thursday, Jan. 9: Max Sailor (Spearfish)
Tuesday, Jan. 7: Stella Marcus (Spearfish) and Jake Powell (Spearfish)
Saturday, Jan. 4: Sarah Janz (Sturgis) and Marcus Myrick (Sturgis)
Friday, Jan. 3: Erin Rotert (Spearfish) and Jake Powell (Spearfish)
Saturday, Dec. 21: Harley Fischer (Belle Fourche), Colby Nowowiejski (Belle Fourche), Blake Mehlberg (Lead-Deadwood) and Dylan Tidyman (New Castle, Wyo.)
Friday, Dec. 20: Anna Campbell (Lead-Deadwood), Kye Taylor (Sundance, Wyo.), Kaylin Garza (Belle Fourche) and Colby Nowowiejski (Belle Fourche)
Thursday, Dec. 19: Cody Rakow (Lead-Deadwood) and Pratt Williams (Lead-Deadwood)
Tuesday, Dec. 17: Anna Campbell (Lead-Deadwood) and Jordy Stulken (Lead-Deadwood)
Saturday, Dec. 14: Blake Mehlberg (Lead-Deadwood) and Camden Hett (Harding County)
Friday, Dec. 13: Stella Marcus (Spearfish) and Jake Powell (Spearfish)
Thursday, Dec. 12: Brett Konst (Sturgis) and Evan Osborn (Sturgis)
Thursday, Dec. 5: Kaden Olsen (Sturgis)

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